Neighbours of West Kentish Town have made a list of the most important trees on and near to West Kentish Town Estate (56 out of a total of 123). We selected these trees on the basis of their health, life expectancy and what they offer in terms of environmental services. We believe that these should be retained when the estate is developed. Many of these trees are mature, planted by the Civic Trust when the estate was built in 1964.

Above: trees planted by the Civic Trust for the benefit of future residents

Trees include Oak, Beech, Lime, London Plane, varies types of Maple and Hornbeam. Many of the 56 priority trees have over 30 years life remaining, and together they store over 40 tonnes of carbon (all 123 trees currently store 60 tonnes). For details see the tree report commissioned by Transition Kentish Town here.

Nature + Well-being

These trees are vital for the local ecology and the mental and physical health of people living in and near to the estate. They provide visual amenity, absorb pollution, provide shading and cooling and help retain water. They are critically important as we adapt to a changing climate.


We have considered how the development can be planned around the 56 priority trees, see plan below. The shaded areas are where development can be sited without harming the trees. 

We call on Camden Council to protect these trees and include their retention as part of the planning brief for the redevelopment.

The trees on and around West Kentish Town estate are under threat from Camden’s redevelopment of the estate. Initial designs published by Camden show a lack of understanding of the importance of mature trees for the current and future well-being of Camden residents. Previous consultations show that the whole of our community is in agreement that the trees are an asset and a feature of the neighbourhood to be retained. However, the initial design (below) show at least 35 out of the 56 priority trees are lost

On 15th August 2020 Neighbours of West Kentish Town asked the Planning Department and all councillors of Camden Council to protect the 56 priority trees with a TREE PROTECTION ORDER for each tree. We have received the support of several councillors, but have yet to hear back from the Planning Department.

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