8 storey blocks of flats in East Road, Old Street area

The new brown building in the photo above looks very similar to the illustrations of the proposals for Grafton Road developed by Camden in 2019 (below): 8 stories high, with the top floor set back and balconies set within an exposed frame overlooking the street.

8 storey blocks of flats proposed for Grafton Road

In this illustration the existing trees along Grafton Road are removed. There is no space for proper front gardens as on the opposite side of the road. The block model of the same proposal (below) shows that the new buildings will be built right up to the edge of the pavement, like the example in Old Street.

Public consultation model May 2019

West Kentish Town is not Old Street. There are questions to be raised regards this scale of development in our neighbourhood. Further to the damage caused by regeneration in the 1960s and 70s, this will repeat disruption to the existing scale of the streets that make up Kentish Town. Has Camden learnt from the past?

The new scheme developed by the new architects AHMM, and shown to the public in November 2022, is not much different to the 2019 scheme. See here for details.

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